A developer is only as good as his commits

As a developer I've found new appreciation for the adage "a man* is only as good as his word."  In business and in life, you can't depend on people who don't follow through on promises, especially when stakes are high.

Amongst programmers, our code is our word.   If collaborators can't trust that our code is of high quality, we are effectively a time and energy sink for those around us, forcing on others the task of testing and validating our work.  The analogue in the non-tech world would be someone whose promises require second guessing, backup plans, and a non-trivial dose of anxiety.

A developer that pushes high-quality commits, like someone who follows through on his or her word, is a refreshing person to interact with, because the cost of interaction is negligible, making the net value of all contributions significantly higher.

Push good code.

*note:  excuse the gender bias in the quote - fortunately women are better with promises and code commits